Father's Day - True Character Shines...

CoverTrue character shines throughmen of faith like you InsideLike Daniel, you stay prayed up,no matter what's going onaround you...Like Joseph, you're committedto doing the right thing,even when it's the hard thing...And like Abraham, you can be calleda true friend of God.You're the kind of man others admireand look up.Wishing youa very blessed Father's Day #06056...
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True character 

shines through

men of faith like you


Like Daniel, you stay prayed up,

no matter what's going on

around you...

Like Joseph, you're committed

to doing the right thing,

even when it's the hard thing...

And like Abraham, you can be called

a true friend of God.

You're the kind of man 

others admire

and look up.

Wishing you

a very blessed 

Father's Day


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